Snowy November Days

I am not used to seeing snow in November and since we are living on the southwest side of the country snow does not come as early as this month. But this is the second time it snowed this month. I saw it was snowing last night and this morning I saw children playing with their sledge on the slope of the little hill nearby. I must admit I like the sight of the ground covered with snow, it looks so clean and the feeling is awesome.

When snow comes in surprise before winter, road accidents happen because it’s slippery. Hubby told me when it snowed a week ago that he drove 70 km/h on a 90 km/h road because it was impossible to drive on the required speed. And we read on the newspaper that an 18-year old girl died when her car got into a skid on a slippery road and crashed on the wrong lane. Thinking of her age, she must have just acquired her driving licence and not enough experience to handle that kind of a situation on the road. Yay! I would not dare to drive on the snowy road if I had my licence now. I experienced skidding car when I did my risk driving so I know how it feels. But the purpose of that is to know how to handle the situation and know how to maneuver the car. Even so, you can do nothing when panic strikes and I think that’s what happened to the girl.

Everybody is not prepared for snowy road this month because the legal time change to winter tyres is on the 1st of December. But hubby has changed to studded tyres when he got flat tyres a few days ago so he’s got a better protection against icy roads now. More snow, please!

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