Many Things To Do

It’s the third week of my summer break but things are going slow here at home. I’ve still got a lot of cleaning to do and now I’m still stuck in the kitchen. I’ve changed the curtains twice because I didn’t like the long ones. I’ve cleaned the cupboard and the wine glasses though not entirely yet. Unused wine glasses have been collecting dust so they needed washing. Hubby has got time every now and then but he hasn’t got enough time to help me throw all the rubbish things in our stockroom.

I’m having a hard time keeping online and working with my sites because of the weather. It has been feeling hot but not sunny these past few days that keep me from sitting and staring at my computer. It’s good to be moving around all the time to keep the body from becoming sluggish. I also haven’t done updating my webalbums here but I’m on top of it now. Anyway, have wonderful summer to you all!

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