Mr. Flu Strikes Again

What did I do to deserve this kind of virus this early days of the school year. It’s not even autumn yet which is the common season for flu. It must be the weather shift from sun to rain. Or there must be somebody who’s been sick of flu when we went to the islands and somehow infected me.

I thought it was the mango I ate last Sunday that irritated my throat. I did different ways to get rid of it but all of which didn’t help at all. Hubby Leif said it must be a cold or flu on the way. I didn’t believe him cos my throat started to ache only after I ate the mango. And the next day, which was a Monday, I started feeling weak and got a slight headache and clogged nose. I managed to go to two schools to get the students schedule, until it got worse in the afternoon. I didn’t get fever, which was good, but the running nose is quite annoying. Despite of this uncomfortable situation, I tried to fix my schedule, called schools and asked for the students schedule as well so that everything will be ready for next week.

I really hope to feel better soon cos next week, I’ll start teaching as scheduled. But I will try to attent the scheduled meeting tomorrow in one school. Hope I won’t scare them with my changed voice. 🙂

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