The Best Summer Ever!

This has been the best summer ever for me and hubby Leif. I haven’t been feeling bored since Leif is also at home since we went back from Berlin and until now. Normally, he drives in the summer and I am being left alone till he comes home. But this time, we both laze around in the comfort of our apartment. Staying up late until the wee hours in the morning, watching DVD films are the most common things we do. The weather has been good but sometimes it’s over 30°C that makes it warmer to stay outside than inside.  We usually stay at home when it’s that hot and sometimes do barbecue in our balcony.

Leif has just fixed our other computer since it got some kind of virus.  He suspected it was accidentally dowloaded when he searched for maps of Davao.  He is doing a map of Davao in the computer and he gathers sources from the internet to compare.  This is in our routine, sitting by each other’s computer after watching a film and no hurry to sleep.  After all, we’re both free from work, hehee!  We can get up anytime we want.

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