Weekend Headache And Pansit

I’ve got headache since yesterday. When I woke up in the morning, I felt my nose clogged, seemed I got a flu or something. Must be the weather or the air conditioner and fans that’s been almost on everyday. But despite of the nasty feeling, I managed to made pansit for our dinner yesterday. We were out in the grocery when I asked Leif if he would like to eat pansit for dinner, otherwise I would make only a portion or two. But he wanted, too. In fact he likes pansit.

This morning, I thought my headache would be gone but I still feel it’s plaguing me. I took a medicine last night but it didn’t help at all. So I took Neozep this morning and went back to bed again. I was chatting with Patrick, my nephew, when I fell asleep. I could hear his messages but I was feeling weak to touch the laptop. After breakfast with Leif, we rested for a while then I suddenly felt alive that I began to vacuum the floor at 4:00pm, hahaa! My headache is almost gone now but I’m taking a medicine before I go to sleep. Hope it will be gone tomorrow or I couldn’t concentrate listening to the speaker in our kick-off day for the school-year.

does my pansit look good enough?

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