Where Is The Sauce?

It’s quite late to post this but I find it interesting to write about what I did last weekend. I didn’t have the enthusiasm to update this blog lately due to workload and all. Anyway, I was in the mood to prepare our Sunday dinner past weekend and I thought of roasting chicken legs and potatoes in the oven. I have done this before so I know the procedure by heart. It looked good when done but while hubby Leif and me were eating, I realized there was something missing. Then I thought of a sauce that could have made it complete. I am not good at making sauces and I don’t even know which sauce that would go along with this menu.

Sunday dinner
Sunday Dinner

Chicken, potato and salad. Not much for a dinner, but enough when having a starter and dessert before and after, hehee! Just like having a dinner in a fancy restaurant ba.

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