A Variety Of Barbecue

| 28 June 2010 | 0 Comments

What is summer without barbecue? For us living in a four season-land, summer is the only high season to have mixed grill on the table. It’s something different than broiling a whole chicken in the oven. Although we have an electric grill which we can use indoors, I wouldn’t have the moods to do barbecue in the fall, winter or spring. Grilling goes with the right season, hahaa!

Hubby and me are craving for something to grill in the summertime. He usually does the marinate himself and I like what he mixes together to get that succulent taste in the barbecue. Here’s what we’ve tried to have a variety of barbecue on our dining table.

pork barbecue

Pork with apple and veggies barbecue

pork chop bbq

Pork chop barbecue

tenderloin bbq

Tenderloin barbecue

bruger bbq

Burger barbecue

We had burger barbecue today for dinner. Next time, we’ll try salmon or any kind of fish. We normally have potatao salad and salad to go with the barbecue. Sometimes I have rice.

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