Goin’ Cruisin’ To Gdynia

From Karlskrona we took the cruising ship to Gdynia, Poland. But darn, I couldn’t get a pic of the whole ship. It was behind everything around from the parking lot when it arrived yesterday evening and when we’re waiting for our time to board. Stena-Baltica cruises everyday from Karlskrona, Sweden to Gdynia, Poland carrying cruisers and transport means. We booked one of the rooms at the Captain’s Suites on the ninth deck. Internet is quite slow here in the middle of the sea so I’ll just update this post later.

Stena-Baltica at Karlskrona-Gdynia harbour


We left Karlskrona at 9:00pm but it wasn’t dark yet cos days are normally longer on summer. I was surprised to discover that our room looks like that of a hotel’s. The champagne, varieties of cheese and strawberries were already prepared for us. Then we went up to the top deck to take pictures and watched the shil left slowly the port. We arrived at Gdynia harbour at 7:30am the next day. We didn’t go on land because the ship would leave after one a half hour back to Karlskrona. We just stayed on the top deck to see a little of Poland. We’ve planned to drive around this country but not this time cos we have other things to do after this short vacation. Also, it’s quite a long drive from Gdynia to Warsaw, the capital of Poland so it was enough to see the beautiful view from the ship. We cruised back to Karlskrona on fair weather. We did nothing but sleep and eat during the 10-hour trip.

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