Cold And Warm Days

I can feel that autumn is on the way cos it’s starting to get cold in the mornings. The first month will be a mixture of cold and warm though, when everybody wears autumn jackets in the morning and takes them off on the way home in the afternoon. Changing my wardrobe every season is something I look forward to although it’s difficult at times to figure out every morning what I’m going to wear. But it’s giving me freedom and creativity to choose what I like, unlike when I had to wear uniform at work in Davao.

This morning was really cold and the temperature showed 10.5°C which was a surprise for me because it’s not even September. I was wearing my summer jacket and the cold got through it and gave me a brrr! reaction. I had my scarf on but I wished I had wore gloves, too. And because it was cold, I kept my hands in my jacket pockets, hehee! Whatelse could I do.

In the afternoon though, I had to zip my jacket on and off because the sun was a bit shy, showed only now and then. It was like a race between the sun and the wind. I even took off my scarf and never put it on again when I was on my way home. This day reminds me, anyhow, to wear thicker jacket and not to forget gloves in the morning. I’m ready to face these cold and warm days again.

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  1. Lucky for me, Malaysia don’t have such weather Mylene. Hehehehe….
    I only wear a jacket when it is raining and cold but I don’t think it will get to 10.5°C.

  2. Yes, it is already the onset of autumn and the air is already quite chilly. It is as if we are being prepared for the very cold months of winter. Never experienced those kind of extreme cold weather in my life because the coldest weather I experienced was the climate in Baguio. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

  3. Are you taking vitamins or supplements Len?…cguro kung dire na nga weather hay!…ang sip-on cguro nako way undang!…ngehhh…kadaghan sa inyong mga burloloy kung mulakaw,…but of course, kinahanglan gyud!…just take care always of your health, bring always your gloves, gamay ra bitaw na ,isuksok ra sa imong bag!…luvs!

  4. Sorry for this late response, I was too busy with my job lately.

    @zezebel, I do miss the weather you have in Malaysia, almost the same in the Ph though I think it gets warmer in your country.

    @Mel Avila Alarilla, I haven’t been to Baguio (shame on me) but I know it’s cold in there though I won’t have a clue how cold it will be. Thank you, too, for dropping by.

    @Non, pure vitamins lang like juice and fruits, hehee! Dati, buyag, di man ko matablan dayon pero sa age yata ni na dali na magkasakit. Wanggits na jud, hahaa! luv u!

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