Apples, Puppy And Colds

Hubby has caught colds already and I thought my possibility of getting infected is one hundred per cent. He started to feel the symptoms yesterday, except a fever which would require him to stay in bed otherwise. It was headache, cough and running nose that made him uncomfortable at work. I had headache when I woke up this morning, I thought it would get worse but it was gone when we came home from the party.

Despite hubby’s condition, we went out to attend a kiddie-birthday party of his friend’s grandchild. The weather wasn’t actually inviting to have an outdoor party but the house could not accomodate all the guest. It was good to have a party in the yard with apple and pear trees and other kind of trees. The children have a big space for themselves, too. It started to rain in the afternoon but the tent kept us from getting wet.

I don’t like apple a lot but I love to see apple trees and its dense fruits. I picked one today and ate it straight. For the first time I knew how it tasted right from the tree. Juicy, fresh, crispy and a bit sour. I didn’t pick the green apples cos they didn’t look ripe yet. And look who loves a puppy! Hubby is indeed a dog lover.

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  1. Maybe the apple had done something to your headache!….Hope Leif would be okey soon!…do not anticipate catching his colds “basig matinood”,hehehe…having dog is quiet awesome!!!(fr. a dog lover too!)…hahahh!….you both look great!….hugs nd muahhh!

  2. Apple trees brighten up my day, hehee! He feels better now, ang sipon na lang ang di pa nawawala. Syalan ba, tukar-tukar man ni akong sakit sa ulo, sa panahon siguro ni. Lagi, but not suitable in the apartment. Luvss!

  3. Oh, how I wish, too. But I don’t have my own apple tree so I just look at our neighbor’s.

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