Recharging Through Sleeping

I slept late last night after watching the Godfather with hubby. I thought he’d go to bed late too, cos he was working on his computer when the film ended. But he didn’t stay long while I was still doing something on my computer. It’s my habit to stay up late on weekends and I enjoy the liberty of waking up late, too. But this morning, I woke too early and counted how long did I sleep. I slept for five hours only but it felt longer than that. I tried to sleep again but it was hard. I stayed in bed awake until I decided to get up at around 10:30 am. Hubby was surprised I was already up that hour. He’s used to see me getting up so late when I’m not working, hahaa!

But after breakfast I felt like going to sleep again. I went to bed and thought of resting cos maybe I got tired turning and tossing. I did sleep like a baby for more than two hours. Then I was like fully recharged when I got up and I started cleaning. I finished everything I planned to do despite starting late in the afternoon. When I’m peppy I can do things in a flash. Sleeping really gives me back the energy I need.

4 Replies to “Recharging Through Sleeping”

  1. I need at least 6 hours good night sleep everyday or I will feel like zombie the next day. Hehehehe….

  2. Sure, you do. But you’re young so you can sleep 8 hours. Me, I can’t get to 8 hours now that I’m getting old.

  3. True Len, now that we’re middle age(not old) na,(hehehe), 5 hours of sleep is really enough for me, kaw pud diay? that’s why i sleep late so that i will wake up the next morning at around 6am(ideal time) for me to start the day,…mas kapuy bitaw nang galimbag-limbag lang ta sa kama nga gamata man, if that’s the case naku, mainit ulo ko niyan, kaya pag gising, tayo na kaagad,…kaya afternoon nap is a must for me gyud, para marecharge pod….anyway, nalate na ni akong comment oi,…dugay2 ko wa kabisita ngari,….luvs and muahhh, muahhhh!

  4. Lagi Non, bisan kulang sa tulog di man sad kapoy pagkaugma. Pero na miss nako ang taas na tulog, hahaa! Miss u, muahh!

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